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About Us

Spanning 6,000 square feet, O'Chef Lab founded by French Chef Olivier Elzer, and Hong Kong Entrepreneur Canny Leung in 2018,  is home to a fully-equipped and staffed professional kitchen and food lab – a playground for star chefs to experiment their culinary creation.


O'Chef lab is one of it's kind food lab in Hong Kong, located in Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong - it is a licensed food manufacturer.  it supplies food packs, catering services or food preparation to retail, corporate clients, and serves restaurants and hotels.


O'Chef lab is a brand, a FnB consultant, and is the Chefs' tables.



O'Chef Lab Limited


21A Derrick Industrial Buiilding,

49 Wong Chuk Hang Road, 

Hong Kong


inquiry: +852 90111661 (text only)

The Philosophy

Born in Germany and raised in Alsace, France, the German-French mixed Chef Olivier had in his blood the religion of 

'Good food is the enjoyment of taste buds for diners, and is the passion to deliver the art and science of culinary creations to the tables'.


O Stands for Olivier Elzer himself.

CHEF Is a remembrance of his grandfather who was a great chef not only to the Elzer's family and friends, but also to the last Tsar family of Russia.

LAB Is a salute to his father Erich Elzer who was German Military Chemist who was captivated by science experiments, working hard is his private laboratory in the basement of Elzer's home in Koblenz, Germany.